Our story

Our journey began in 2015 when we asked ourselves if there was a more sustainable way to consume fashion while looking and feeling good. Textile waste today accounts for 60% of the utilisation of land fills.

We felt that the symbiotic bond established between Mother and Daughter at birth can carry through in fashion choices. We thus set forth to design garments which could be worn across generations using timeless prints and quality fabrics.

” Our designs seamlessly convert from outfits for the mum to adorable yet unique looks for the daughter.
One outfit, two users (generations apart), multiple styles- happy wardrobe, happy environment. “

We know kids grow up fast and its only natural to wish and provide them with the best. So why not equip them to understand the importance of conscious consumption and promote ideals of sharing? Start your journey with Darlinks and build a thoughtful closet while creating little ambassadors of sustainability for the future.